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Your donation is needed to keep creating more Games. If you like my games and would like to play new creations please donate, any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Done with another Make Your Own game, This time is a super strong and muscular superhero: create your own. I had fun making it, I hope you will have fun playing this online game too. Customize your superhero’s Race/ Ethnic, like White, Hispanic, Asian or Black. Then move to the suit he will be wearing, change colors, style and accessories.  Make the game popular by sharing it and I will make more clothing for him.

In this Create your own game, I tried to make it feel like it is cut out of a comic. I hope I capture the look.

I made this game using action Script 3, I will try adding it to the Iphone and Android Market, Would you be interested? It will be Free.

Now on ANDROID:               IPHONE: