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Ok. What we need to do first is to make a small hole in the bottom of the egg with the small pin.  After making the hole, insert the syringe and subtract the egg joke and egg whites.  Clean the syringe, and now it is time to stuff the egg for our prank  with paint or whatever fits thru the syringe. Ok after stuffing your egg with paint it is time to close the small hole you made.  You can do this by putting glue in the small hole and let it dry, then applying some more glue until the hole is not visible.


-time for action-


Now put your prank egg with the rest of the eggs and wait for your victim to come.  Speed up the process and ask egg for breakfast.

Breakfast time!


Ingredients for this funny prank.




-syringe (you can get them at the pharmacy)

-paint or whatever you want to stuff your egg with.


Funny Prank - Prank your  partner idea.


Here is a recipe to success and fun. lol

Funny Prank in Video.